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    We can give you a personalised quote detailing exactly what childcare will cost you, call us to find out more.

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    Guide to Childcare

    A little guide to help you make a big decision about the care and education of your child.

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    Childcare for Children

    Our child care centres and childcare educators give your children experiences that last a life time, from filling a room with “snow” at christmas time to covering tables in shaving foam for babies to experience some tactile fun. All of our activities are based on benefiting your child’s education and taking those little steps to prepare them for their school life.

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    Childcare for you

    At Acacia Hill Childcare, we understand that it is important that “you have time to be you”, what ever that may be. High Quality Childcare will provide you with the time to focus on your work, your friends, your hobby, anything you need to do to be you. When you entrust the care of your child to Acacia Hill, we want you to do it with confidence.

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    All the staff at Landsdale Childcare Centre are always friendly and welcoming. They comforted me when I was anxious about leaving my son, from then I have gained complete confidence in their care. My son is always happy and well cared for, his needs are met and he has flourished since being in care. Mark2010

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At Landsdale Childcare Centre we pride ourselves in providing a fun and friendly environment where children feel safe and secure, families feel valued for their uniqueness and the community is respected and involved.

Here at Landsdale Childcare Centre we offer educational programmes based on play, that are developed and supervised by qualified teaching specialists. Our family of carers are not only suitably qualified, they are also compassionate, friendly, supportive individuals.